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Website Maintenance

iMedia Infotech works with each client to make sure their website is maintained in the most appropriate way.

Why I need website maintenance?

  • All web sites need maintenance to keep them up-to-date, lof clean up, email support, space cleanup, traffic quota check, removal of viruses. Some sites need regular updates while others may need monthly, quaterly or yearly maintenance.

  • Website maintenance includes revising, editing, or changing existing web pages with the current information or photos.

  • Fresh and current information gives people a reason to return to your site.
All Maintenance Pack Includes
  • Modification and Addition of Website Content
  • Image Manipulation and Addition (client supplied images)
  • Product updates (if any)
  • Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics
  • Adding / removing web pages
Maintenance Pack Features
  • Small Updates are usually done within 24 to 72 hours (except holidays and weekends).

  • Although we make every effort to make accurate changes, it is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made. We do not charge for changes that are our fault.

  • Maintenance is defined as keeping the web site current within the existing layout. It is not intended to be a redesign or revamp.

  • New design work is charged at our design rate.

  • Updates should be provided electronically (by email) in softcopy (digital format).
Rate Card

Once a Year Maintenance
4 hours of maintenance per year starts @ 2000/- per year

Twice a Year Maintenance
8 hour of maintenance per year
starts @ 3500/- per year

Quaterly Maintenance
4 hour of maintenance per quater
starts @ 7000/- per year

Regular Maintenance
2 hours of maintenance per month
starts @ 12000/- per year

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